Battle Of Warships Mod APK v1.72.22 Unlimited Everything

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Battle Of Warships Mod APK info
App NameBattle Of Warships Mod APK
Latest Versionv1.72.22
Size138.93 MB
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS RequirementsAndroid 5.1 and higher
PROCESSOROcta Core processor( SD 665 Recommended)
RAM12GB or greater
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/All Ships Unlock

Jump on the bandwagon of the action genre of innumerable video games, Battle of Warships Mod Apk is an action thriller video game embodied with an unending adventure. Clearly, the name denotes that the gameplay is based on Naval Battles.

the Gameplay Battle of Warships

Naval Battles involve the combat between two forces in water-based battlegrounds that could be Ocean, Sea, or any other spacious water body. In this gameplay, you’ll be able to demonstrate your fighting skills, warship techniques, and ability to be a Winner. You’ll fight in your warship loaded with several features and weapons and let down the warships of your enemies. Download Battle of Warships Mod APK now to have unlimited fun and adventure.

About the Gameplay: Battle of Warships

Battle of Warship, a versatile gaming series, earned a huge appreciation from people around the globe with more than 10 Million downloads. Millions of Android and iOS users are getting indulged in the excitement of the game. Either fight individually and seek assistance or companion-ship from your friend, team up and get into an exciting and mysterious combat to end up victorious. After starting to play the game, you’ll get to know about the interesting and captivating battles and the excitement of playing the this game intensifies as you progress in the game.

Battle of Warships Mod APK Unlocked Everything

Your simple warship, you got in the start, would modernize and advance after free upgrades. A well-equipped Battleship with deadly weapons will aid you in combating the opponent force. You’ll easily get notified about the movements of your targeted enemy ship so that you can navigate in that direction and attack your enemy. Use the provided tactics to do deliberate massacre of the enemy. Get control of the warships of World War 1 and World War 2 and check their strength towards other enemy warships. Having complete control of the gameplay, the ball is in the court for you to defeat the potential enemy.

Battle of Warships Mod APK

The Mod Version of the gameplay will give you free access to the premium features. Yes, you can say that again, with Battle of Warships Unlimited free upgrades, there’ll be more fun to play than ever. You’ll gain free access to several modernized and updated Naval Ships and costly Weapons. With Battle of Warships Mod APK Unlimited Money, you’ll be able to do in-app purchases of demandable upgrades without even spending any real money.

Battle of Warships Mod Apk Unlimited Platinum will allow you to modify the battlefields and unlock more exciting levels. With a decent Arsenal on board, including Torpedoes, Naval guns, and radar search devices, you’ll be able to combat in a variety of missions. The alluring graphics of the gameplay is surely one of the reasons for its popularity among players fond of experiencing realistic battles.

Additional Features

  •   Bugs fix
  •   Crash fixes
  •   Play Online for free
  •   Offline playing mode enabled
  •   Free Upgrades
  •   Improved Interface
  •   Improved Graphics
  •   Improved 3D map
  •   Updated Sound Effects
  •   Unlocked Ships
  •   No Ads
Battleships Unlocked all Ships

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Battle of Warships Mod APK Unlocked Everything, Premium Features

This game is mounted with plenty of incredible features, making it’s players addicted to this gameplay.

Battleships (Unlocked all Ships)

Battle of Warships offers more than twenty incredibly built battleships to the players. Being an armored fighter, you’ll have free access to the battleships. Every warship owns different weapons to combat enemies in different missions. In Battle of Warships Mod Apk Unlimited Everything, you’ll be able to buy these warships with unlimited money. The enemy gets stronger and the missions upgrade as the game progresses. In the battle of warships, all ships are Unlocked, and each mission has relatively more difficulty levels than the prior one.

You’ll have to buy warships with upgraded abilities to combat opponents. The deadly battleships, built on the designs inspired by World War 1 and World War 2 warships, including YAMATO, Missouri, Bismarck, South Dakota, and most interestingly fighter aircraft carrying ships are also available in this gameplay. Accompanied by teammates, aircraft, and other attacking devices, it’ll be more reluctant to attack the enemy, defeat them and take command of their ships.

Upgraded Controls

To indulge completely in the thriller and action gameplay, you’ve to have access to its control system. Following the saying “Health is Wealth, maintaining good health in this battle of warship mod apk game will give you more money and more fighter experience. You’ll be able to increase its health points and enhance the power of your own ship, the speed of the engine, and the ship turns.

Also, you’ll have control to self-customize the naval army with the flag of your own country. Almost all the warships embed the same controls which makes it much more convenient to navigate through the water body. With the battle of warships unlimited money, you’ll be able to purchase new upgrades making the game easier to play.

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Joystick Connectivity

This gameplay allows the Joystick connectivity to play the game on your Android TV. With Joystick, significantly it is a lot easier to control the ship using weapons hassle-free.

Gameplay Map and Upgraded Weather System

The most captivating feature of this game is its map. A large water body with small islands will give you a more realistic naval battling experience. Another notice-able feature is the weather condition in the game, which plays a significant role in winning the battle. The players preferably choose to fight a battle during rain. Most probably the weather becomes extreme in the middle of the sea and it starts raining. Heavy rain with the loudest thunderstorms will give you goosebumps amidst the battle.

Battle of Warships Mod APK ads free


Battle of Warship Mod APK developers redesigned high-definition graphics to give it a realistic outlook specifically modified for Android devices with lighting enhancement, brightly colored patterns, and remodeled characters. The astonishing high-definition graphics give a worldly experience to you on a battlefield.

Every object and character of the game is built with great innovation, hence, enhancing the charm of the gameplay. The improved graphics have paid keen attention to the detailing and made the tiniest objects more visible to the players. The animation of the fighter player and his teammates along with terrific sound effects make the entire gameplay come alive.

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MOD Features

  •   Mega Mod
  •   Unlimited Money and Platinum
  •   Torpedoes and Interceptors
  •   No Weapon Reloading
  •   Super Torpedo Speed
  •   One-shots
  •   Increased Damage
Warships Mod APK Unlocked Everything

What’s New?

  •   New ships added: Royal Sovereign, H41, Alsace, and Sovetskiy Soyuz. 
  •   Free Gold card for 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year
  •   Free chests Available (just by watching the respective ads)
  •   Kamo gun added in weapons
  •   Newly introduced platinum package
  •   Availability of changer of Shells and changer of Torpedo angle (Relocation of Control Buttons)
  •   Enhanced Quality of sky
  •   Improved loading speed. It interrupts once in a blue moon due to a bad internet connection.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy and Simple to Control and Play
  • Free to Install
  • Can be played without Internet
  • Optimized gaming performance


  • Lack the ability to engage enemies
  • Small Sized Ships can be a reason of losing the game
  • Does not support most of the languages

How to Install Battle of Warships Mod APK?

By following the step-by-step process, you can install it on your desired devices:

  •  First, Visit the URL given below from your device’s browser. You’ll be directed to the download page.
  • Then click the Download Button and wait for a few seconds.
  •  After downloading the file, click that Apk file in the File Manager.
  • Enable the “Third Party Consent” or “Allow Unknown Sources” on your respective device.
  • After enabling click the Install button. Enjoy uninterrupted thriller battle-fight gameplay now.

Yes, you can download it absolutely free from our website. Visit the link given above and download it on your desired device.

Yes, you can download and install it on your Android Smartphones.

Unlimited money, Unlimited platinum, Unlocked premium ships, and Unlimited weapons are the MOD features of this gameplay.

Yes, the improved 3D map, Vast battlefields, Improved Graphics and Sound effects, and Upgraded controls are some other gameplay features.

Yes, it’s 100% safe to play. It is tested and thoroughly scanned for antivirus. You can trustfully install it and enjoy its outstanding features.


Overall, it is a complete entertainment package and is as right as rain for chain gamers who prefer playing action games. With humps of exciting features, a few anomalies exist like occasional dull missions that never excite the players but frustrate them. But still, this flaw is negotiable, and take it with a pinch of salt. With all paid features Unlocked, this mod APK version of the gameplay will fulfill your ultimate gaming goals. Download Battle of Warships Mod Apk, enjoy the ultimate action, and experience the life of a deadly Naval fighter.