Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk v6.6.8  Unlimited Money

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App NameRope Hero Vice Town Mod APK
Latest Versionv 6.6.8 
Size108 MB
DeveloperNaxeex Action & RPG Games
Get it onGoogle Play Store
PROCESSOROcta Core processor( SD 665 Recommended)
OS Requirements5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money and Gems

A person fond of flaunting his heroic skills would want a game, full of thriller and action, to play. Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK is an absolute match if you hold valorous aptitude. Rope Hero Vice Town is a realistic 3D action gameplay equally popular among both sexes, either male or female.


This gameplay holds a bunch of distinctive features rarely present in other action games out there. Rope Hero is driving masses, surrounding the globe, crazy about it. It’s a complete entertainment package that’s making its players addicted to it. You can play as a hero in this game who uses rope and other fascinating weapons to defeat his enemies.

Being a Rope Hero this game will allow you to perform stunts, climb and jump from buildings, and make you reach your potential enemy. The words of appreciation Rope Hero APK has gained from the masses all across the world are worth it. People with a logical approach, strategic thinking, and strong reflexes could make it to the end by winning the battle.


You can say that again, It’s the best thing since sliced bread in the gaming world. Download Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk now to have endless fun and entertainment.

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About the Gameplay: Rope Hero Vice Town APk

The Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK version gives you the ultimate chance to enjoy the premium features of the game without paying a single penny. In this dynamic three-dimensionally designed gameplay you’ll be able to upgrade the game levels by completing different missions. Rope Hero Mod APk is set up in a way to give you an advantage of playing, without the internet, in offline mode. In Offline mode, you can still enjoy several thrilling and exclusive features of the game. Most of the premium features, transmitting the shock waves to the opponents, are unlocked and you’ll enjoy them hassle-free. Play without extra charges in this unlocked premium gameplay.

What is Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APk?

Rope Hero Mod Apk is the latest version of the original game which gives you free access to all the paid features of the game. Due to all the premium features Unlocked in this game, you’ll be able to roam across the entire city freely and kill your enemies using a range of upgraded weapons like rifles, bazookas, freezer guns, dance guns, assault guns, snipers, shotguns, and gravity guns. With all these things you’ve got to save the town from gangsters by hook or by crook.


Also, with the Rope Hero Vice Town Unlimited Money feature Unlocked you can buy more riveting weapons and Vehicles along with purchasing new character upgrades to enhance power, stability, and strength. Also, the stylistically innovative three-dimensional graphics of the Rope Hero APk allows you to view the vehicles and city structures from every angle giving you a realistic battling experience. Once you explore the game ultimately, it would be a cup of tea for you to conquer every challenge.

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App Requirements

PROCESSOROcta Core processor( SD 665 Recommended)
RAM12GB or greater
OSAndroid 6.0 and higher
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files

Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APk Unlocked Premium Features

Let us elucidate the striking features of the Rope Hero Mod APk.

Intuitional Touch Controls

While experiencing the exciting gameplay, full of thrill and suspense, you can be the hero of Vice Town using incredible and audacious touch controls. This outstanding feature will make the game much more fun for Android Gamers. Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK will give you an extravagant shooter and action experience.

Challenges and Adventures

Transform into a spectacular superhero with incredible powers, you can free up the Vice Town from cunning enemies and rule everyone’s heart. With Rope Hero Vice Town mod apk unlimited diamonds and gems, you can unlock various exciting challenges and adventures.


 Now it’s the time for you to take down the free-roaming and lurking gangs of robbers, murderers, and mafia men. Once you get your hands on the gameplay, based on your expertise, you can Unlock unlimited missions and challenges with enhanced difficulty levels. Earn appreciation and be a king of Rope Hero Vice Town gameplay.


After getting hands-on experience using rope in gameplay, you can Unlock various striking superpowers, making the hero character more resilient and undefeatable. With Rope Hero Vice Town Unlocked version, you can upgrade your powers, allowing you to stand stiff in front of your enemies. The mega Jump superpower will allow you to jump up to several miles in just a single throw. Another superpower is powerful landings which will transmit shockwaves toward any nearby enemy.

Weapon Inventory

Apart from upgrading superpowers, you can have easy access to various deadly weapons to combat the enemy. In Rope Hero Vice Town, you can Unlock traditional weapons like rifles, assault guns, shotguns, snipers, as well as bazookas to throw fire strikes towards the enemy. 

rope hero mod apk Weapon Inventory

What’s more exciting about this feature is the various modernized scientifically developed weapons, making the battle more exciting for you. Feel free to pick any of the in-game weapons to add more drama to the fight. Freezer gun, a sci-fi weapon, will allow you to make your opponent freeze irrespective of the distance Make your opponents freeze, which can be robots, cars, or even tanks. Flame-thrower guns burn into ashes and can set anything to fire that comes your way. Gravi-gun and Dance gun let your enemies attract towards you and make them dance in front of you.

Advanced Vehicles and Gadgets

In this gameplay, you’ll experience the wonderful ride of an SUV or bike to roam across the town. Whenever you want to observe the city from the sky, a helicopter will always be at your service anytime.

rope hero mod apk Advanced Vehicles and Gadgets

The availability of awesome gadgets like gliders, skateboards, and selfie sticks makes the ball in your court. Gliders, to fly, help you in safe roping while skateboards aid you in dealing with closed-cornered streets while roaming. A selfie stick is a treat for the players who are more inclined towards capturing heroic moments.

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What’s New?

  •   Bugs fixes
  •   Crash fixes
  • Improved Interface
  • Stylistically innovative Graphics
  •  It feels like you are playing the game in the real world. 
  • Updated and detailed 3D map of city
  •  Free Upgrades
  • Expanded car parks
  • Amazing heroic costumes
  • Dazzling shooting experience
  • New and improved deadly weapons
  • New challenges and missions
  • Free application optimization

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  •  Unlimited Diamonds and Gems
  • No Ads
rope hero  Unlimited Diamonds and Gems

How to Install Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APk?

Follow the step-by-step process to install it on your devices.

  • Visit the URL link given below from your browser. You’ll be directed to the download page.
  •   Click the Download Button and wait for a while.
  •  After downloading the file, click that Apk file in the File Manager.
  • Enable the “Third Party Consent” or “Allow Unknown Sources” on your respective device.
  • After enabling click the Install button. Enjoy uninterrupted thriller action gameplay now.

Pros & Cons


  •  Play Online for free
  •  Offline playing mode is enabled
  • Easily Installed
  • Advanced Tools for Customization
  • Smooth processing while playing the game
  • Advanced Interface
  • Smooth Controls


  • Sometimes it freezes between the challenge which is annoying
  • More battery life needed to play this game
  • Some unwanted bugs disrupt the smooth processing of game
  • Once in a blue moon it plays slower than normal

Improved visuals, Upgraded weapons, Improved interface, Well optimized tracking system, and many more.

This game is totally free to install, just download it from the link given above and start playing it for free.

Unlimited Money, Diamonds, and Gems

Yes, it’s 100% safe to play. It’s tested and thoroughly scanned for antivirus. You can trustfully install it and enjoy its outstanding features.

No, it doesn’t demand any identity from the player.

Its file size will be 108 MB after you’re done with its installation.


Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK, Outstanding action gameplay with super exciting upgrades, never misses surprising its players. It’s earned significant appreciation from people of all ages, especially youngsters. This game is as right as rain for chain gamers. Download will keep you thrilled and excited always. Keep visiting our website for more updates.