World of Airports MOD APK v2.2.2 Unlimited Money

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World of Airports MOD APK
App NameWorld of Airports MOD APK
Latest Versionv2.2.2
Size800 MB
PriceFree of Cost
RAM16GB or greater
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files, Media
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS Requirements6.0 and above
MOD InfoUnlocked all Airplanes & Airports, Unlimited Money & Planes, All Premium Features Unlocked, Drone View, No Ads

Among a wide range of aviation gaming series, the developers have set up a simulation with amazing gameplay where a player will truly enjoy being the core of airport administration. This rational gameplay, World of Airports Mod Apk, is based on a lucid strategy providing its players with an exciting yet complicated gaming experience. 

This gameplay is gathering the attention of a majority of players due to its eccentric storyline featuring the most advanced international airports around the world with the latest planes. Arrange and handle most of the international flights of available Airlines, ensure the credibility of every flight by managing crew duties, and arrange essentials like fuel and altimeter functioning.

World of Airports Mod APK Mod Menu

Along with handling domestic flights, in World of Airports Mod Apk, you’ll also cope with cargo jets and manage their entry and exit. Monitor the departure time of each and every flight and perform flight planner and dispatcher duties mindfully. If you maintain higher flight frequencies and accommodate maximum flights at the right times, you’ll earn appreciable revenue in return.  So it is necessary to elevate the frequency for uninterrupted flight operations at advanced International airports. Let your inner gamer fish out of the water, download World of Airports Mod APK, and go the extra mile to prove your aviation managing skills. 

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Gameplay : World of Airports Mod APK

The majority of frequent gamers need gameplay that sharpens their mind and improves their management skills. World of Airports is an incredibly outclass aerial simulation that involves the entire airport handling and flight maintenance. Effectively look after the airport and ensure on-time arrival and departure of the airplanes. 

World of Airports Mod APK free customizations

World of Airports has several exciting features that definitely compel players to give it a whirl. The majority of airplanes and flights are locked and need to be unlocked first using money. Plenty of the airports are also locked which you can manage once you unlock them.  You’ll manage different international and domestic flights but plenty of the available flights will be locked. Unlock all the airplanes, flights, and airports first using earned money and enjoy a wide experience of aircraft handling and airport management. 

What is the World of Airports Mod APK?

This aviation simulation is an incredible formulation where you’ll be the management head to manage the range of international flights by commencing their arrival and departure timings.  In the modded version, World of Airports Mod Apk, you’ll get unlimited money and by sparing this money you can unlock the desired domestic and cargo airplanes. Also, in this updated version of the game, you’ll be able to unlock most of the advanced international airports and supervise the activities within the premises including handling aircraft, directing crew, managing flights, coping with cargo jets, and giving instructions to maintain the performance of airplanes. 

World of Airports Mod APK no ads

You’ll get all the premium features of the game absolutely free without paying any cost. Also, several of the highly paid international flights will be unlocked in this latest modded version which was previously locked in the traditional version of World of Airports. Get an uninterrupted aviation working experience, complete tasks efficiently, and get amazing rewards.

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World of Airports Mod APK Additional Features

  • Easily Playable
  • Offline and Online Game Modes
  • Improved Aircrafts
  • Updated Airport Locations
  • Simple Control Keys
  • Credible Gameplay
  • Improved Interface
  • Improved Visuals 
  • Improved 3D Graphics
World of Airports Mod APK unlocked airplanes

World of Airports Mod APK Features

This innovative gameplay stands out from other aviation simulations and possesses a few incredible features that would amaze you to bits. By breaking into new grounds, this game has gained millions of downloads till now. Be all ears and give a big read to its features elaborated below.

Realistic Modern Airport Simulator

What makes this game stand out is the honest management and rigorous development of the respective airport. To manage the gigantic airport, the player must have exceptional management skills and tactics to make the task hassle-free.  The impressive performance and welcoming attitude, your airport will attract passengers and airlines from different states and expand the resupply point by doing immersive investments. Expansion of the reach to different districts is crucial to scale up the airport and adding up more revenue will make you addicted to  World of Airports Mod Apk. 

Scheduling Potential Flights

Apart from maintaining the airport’s reputation, you’ll occupy the control tower where every flight will be arranged, organized, and executed effectively as per your instructions. Using a sophisticated interface of the gameplay, avoid cross-landing of the incoming and outgoing flights by scheduling each flight efficiently and making the runway empty when a flight takes off or lands. 

World of Airports Mod APK unlocked all planes

The reputation of your airport may be distorted if any accident occurs due to careless scheduling of the flights. The general income will also decrease if you fail to manage the timings of different flights taking off or landing on the same runway. 

Interaction with International Airlines

In the World of Airports Mod Apk, interaction with other luxurious flights of international airlines and receiving a number of international flights is necessary to enhance the credibility of your airport and build a strong base. 

World of Airports Mod APK unlimited money

By establishing healthy relations with other airlines, you’ll get several advantages in the form of bonuses and revenue that can be utilized accordingly and effectively. Once you start interacting with some of the credible international airlines, other renowned airlines with modern airplanes will be automatically attracted to your airport and enhance the comparative customers.  

Maintenance and Performance Check of Aircraft

To maintain healthy flight scheduling, maintenance and performance check of the airplane is necessary. Check each and every domestic and cargo aircraft carefully and improve its performance by eliminating any disturbance and faulty machinery.  Keep a clear check on the fuel amount that couldn’t be ignored at any cost. Schedule maintenance timings in hours when no incoming and outgoing flight is scheduled in order to avoid accidents. A fault check can be run on each and every aircraft after every flight. 

Purchase New Aircrafts

In World of Airports Mod Apk unlimited planes, you’ve to purchase or rent out new and advanced air jets that will serve as attractants for other incredible airlines and potential investors to invest in the growth of your company. The addition of more aircraft will definitely enhance revenue generation as you host more flights, either domestic or international. 

World of Airports Mod APK unlimited airports

You can intensively customize the aircraft with several options and make them stand out in the commercial world. Print the brand logo on the body of the airplane, change the appearance, and interior of every aircraft to give the passengers a comfortable and luxurious flight experience. If you are looking more games in strategy category, play these

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MOD Features   

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlocked all Airports
  • Unlocked all Airplanes
  • Unlimited Planes
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Customizations
  • Ads Disabled

What’s New?

  • Antique Collection
  • Point-by-point Aerial Terminals
  • Updated Rankings on Online Leaderboards
  • New Airplane Terminals and Crew Uniforms
  • Heavy Flights Handling during Different Events and Occasions
  • Bonuses Rewards
  • Explore the World
  • Drone View

Pros & Cons


  • Immersive and easy control keys.
  • Played by people of all ages including teenagers and adults.
  • Compatible with both the Android as well as the iOS devices.
  • Possess antivirus properties to clean any malware.


  • The rare occurrence of Crash issues and Bugs issues as well.
  • Once in a blue moon, the game gets slower in operation due to slow internet loading.

How to Install World of Airports Mod APK on Android Devices?

By following the step-by-step process, you can install the game on your desired devices.

  • 1st, Enable the “Third Party Consent” or give permission to the “Allow Unknown Sources” option on your Android device.
  • 2nd, Open your device’s browser, visit our website, and click on the URL given on the respective webpage. 
  • 3rd, On clicking the URL you’ll be directed to the download page. Click the “Download” Button and wait a few minutes.
  • 4th, After the download has been completed, search for and click that Apk file saved in the “File Manager” folder of your device.
  • Lastly, Now click on the Install button. Once installed, open and enjoy this incredible aviation simulator on your respective device.

Religiously follow the steps given above and easily download and install the game on your Android device.

In this modded simulator, you’ll get all the paid features absolutely free of cost and these are easily accessible without any difficulty.

Download this Mod Apk version of this game by clicking the link on this page and get unlimited money without any worry.

Yes, it’s completely free to play and download. 

Yes, it is a completely safe version as it is scanned completely and virus-protected.

No, it can’t harm the device and is gone through a complete safety mechanism.

No, this simulation is designed for Android and iOS devices.


Without an inch of any doubt, with credible foundations, this aviation simulation featuring airports and airplanes is hosting several chain gamers belonging to different family backgrounds and age groups. Being the owner of the airport brand, you’ll be the core of managing and organizing the domestic, international, and cargo flights, lock, stock, and barrel to attract other millennium airlines with modern aircraft to entertain their credibility. The World of Airports Mod Apk latest version is a peculiarly remarkable and advanced strategy-based simulation that needs great management skills to give you an exorbitant flying and managing experience by and reach the skies beyond horizons.

This gameplay is on thin ice and needs deep attention, an organized strategic approach, mindfulness, and commitment to mark your name among the biggest airport owners. Think creatively, download World of Airports Mod Apk airports unlocked with all the premium features freely accessible, and enjoy it by playing with skilled hands using a strategic approach.