Download My Mini Mart MOD APK v1.18.40 Unlimited Money

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My Mini Mart MOD APK
App NameMy Mini Mart MOD APK
Latest Versionv1.18.40
Size68.28 MB
DeveloperSupersonic Studios LTD
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files, Media
RAM8GB or greater
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS Requirements5.1 and above
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems, No Ads

Creating unique things using an artistic approach in the action gaming genre is definitely going to revolutionize the concept of thriller gaming series along with establishing a successful business chain. My Mini Mart Mod Apk is a game for people with self-sufficiency and a business-oriented approach.

Gameplay My Mini Mart

Building a Mini Mart empire is not an effortless task but needs much heed, experienced hands, and qualified workers. In this unique gameplay, you’ll be given a task to set up a successful chain of convenience stores or Mini Marts all across the state.

Soon after joining My Mini Mart, you’ll be challenged to set up a well-organized organic food supermarket on your own without any help. As you progress through the game you’ll complete quests and earn money that will aid you to hire skilled harvesters, salesmen, and distributors to satisfy your potential consumer.

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My Mini Mart Mod APK unlimited coin

What are you waiting for? If you’re feeling under the weather, then Download My Mini Mart Mod Apk to experience another action level of harvesting and establishing a Mini Mart business.

Gameplay : My Mini Mart

My Mini Mart is a traditional organic and economic gaming simulator where you’ve to fulfill your duties as an owner of the supermarket. Having a nature-loving attitude, you, being the owner of this supermarket will lay the ground-work for the production of organic fruits and vegetables. You’ll grow the organic fruits and vegetables with your own hand, harvest the crop, and prepare other food items out of these organic products.

You’ll have to solely manage the entire store including salesmanship and satisfying your customers with incredible services and quality products. As you progress, you’ll have enough money to hire salesmen, cashiers, and loaders to carry homegrown vegetables to the selling carts. Become an efficient goods trader and expand your business by opening more and more branches of your mart around the globe (in provided map).

What is My Mini Mart Mod APK?

 The advanced version, provides Unlimited Money in the game and free in-app purchases. Kick start your retail store business efficiently and grow more and more organic fruits and vegetables, and prepare other delicious edibles and sell to the customers. With My Mini Mart Mod APK Unlimited money, you can buy more seedlings to sow the new crop and make high-quality organic products. Modify the outlook of your store by customizing it using unique interiors and design ideas.

Brainstorm new marketing strategies and target more potential consumers. In this game, Unlimited Gems will let you hire more staff to deal with the selling and storage process. Open new Mini Marts in different regions shown on the map. Also, you can Unlock more regions on the map, hence, ending up expanding the business easily. Go and install this game before you miss the boat.

My Mini Mart Mod APK Additional Features

  • Reorganization of Isles
  • Bugs fixes
  • Crash fixes
  • Play Online for free
  • Offline playing mode enabled
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Customizations
  • Improved Interface
  • Improved Graphics
Mini Mart Mod APK Additional Features

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My Mini Mart Mod APK Features

Undoubtedly, this gameplay has many exciting features which will enhance your insight into business and motivate you to play it. The interesting features of the gameplay will make you addicted to it. You’ll be in for a penny in for a pound on this action gameplay. Let us elaborate and spill some beans over the modest features of My Mini Cart Mod APK.

Strategic Business Approach

Brainstorming new ideas for expanding your business and constructing modernized and well-equipped stores will give you more benefits in earning handsome revenue. Building an appropriate convenience store has always been the most wanted aspect of this gameplay.

Developers now upgraded the gameplay which allows you to modify the store according to the needs of the time. To establish the mini mart, you’ll have to complete the quest immediately before any update occurs, which will add more location maps which makes it difficult for you to stand out among mini mart chains.

Expanding Farms and Gardens

In this mod version game, Unlimited Gems, you can hire breeders, farmers, and harvesters to increase the production of the crop of organic vegetables and fruits. Growing healthy foods will potentially increase your customer. You’ll have to expand the gardens and farms to get elevated production.

The products made with organically grown veggies and fruits can be exported to different states to meet consumer needs, thereby adding more profit to the revenue. With all the earned money, you can purchase more advanced transportation carriages and farming tools to stand high among other dealers.

Good Customer Care

You’ll get a purchase of the dollar free with this gameplay. In this Mod APK free purchase dollar, you’ll never run short of the staff and the resources. You’ll know what desk should be filled and what shelf needs more products for sale. Mindfully manage the staff and keep the customers coming and praising you for the incredible services.

To attract more consumers, think out of the box and formulate new ideas for producing new products out of your organic crop. With Unlimited everything, you can build new businesses like charity organizations that will not only gather the praise of the people but increase your sales to double. With this mini mart Mod Apk download, you’ll get to know the secrets behind running a successful retail business.

Food Safety and Cleanliness System

Following the famous saying “Health is Wealth”, understanding the need for hygienic food for your customers and defining certain safety rules will ensure the longevity of the products. The customers will get impressed by the proposed cleanliness measures and put their trust in you for the gain of healthy edibles.

My Mini Mart Mod APK unlimited ads free

The rigorous supply of healthy food items will make you the first-class retailer to deal in organic products. Setting certain harvesting rules where cleanliness should be followed ethically will be the ultimate reason for your success. Keeping an eye on all the facilities, the demand of the customers will increase and let you grow your Mini Mart.

Advanced Food Items Production

A wide range of food items gets prepared by the use of Unlimited Gems. These products are;  Asparagus, Broccoli Rabe, Blackberry Jam, Eggplant Parmesan, Mama Vin Cuisine Pasta Sauce, Curry Powder, Green Beans with Walnuts, Fantasia Salad Dressing, Guacamole, Mushrooms with Sausage, and Pastina Salad Dressing. These are the highly demandable items that any customer could ever demand.

Simple Controls

This is a hassle-free game and can be managed easily. The control system of this gameplay is easily accessible and can be operated easily by all the players. To control the game, simply tap on the screen and swipe in any direction to direct your character and perform specific tasks like food collection, customer billing, shelf placement, and more. Thereby, these simple controls will make it a piece of cake for the players. At the same time, you need to calculate reasonable moves to be able to solve the customer’s needs in the shortest time.


My Mini Mart APK Mod Menu entitles 2D graphics designed using simple vectors, still, the detailing is so fine and loved by every player. You’ll find the little characters cute and easily moveable. The vibrant color combinations and the transparency of the elements will tell you about the different stages of the business growth, as you progress through the game. Whether it is the design of the harvesting, agricultural area, supermarket location, or appearance of the characters including the Owner, staff, and customers, everything is designed with sleek detailing and makes the game fun to play.

Being aware of the fun features of the gameplay, if you are still sitting on the fence, you’ll definitely gonna miss the real enthusiasm of playing this Mod Apk game.

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Dollar Purchase
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Ads

 What’s New?

  • Improved Performance
  • New Mart 5
  • Addition of New Hats
  • Increased Capacity & Speed
  • The Possibility of Losing Progress Reduces
  • Idle Income from Your Marts Increased
  • Upgraded MOD Menu: Worker and Player Upgrades Available
  • Faster Switching Between Marts
  • Losing Progress Issue Resolved

Pros & Cons


  • Easily adaptable and easy-to-control interface
  • 100% scanned for anti-virus protection
  • Best business learning plot ever


  • No training mode for the beginners
  • Once in a blue moon, a loading speed glitch appears

How to Install My Mini Mart Mod APK on Android Devices?

By following the step-by-step process, you can install the game on your desired devices.

  • Click on the link given below on this page from your available browser.
  • The download page will appear. By clicking the Download Key the Apk file starts to download.
  • The downloaded Apk File will Appear in your device’s “File Manager”.
  • Before installing, enable permissions (Third Party Consent and Allow Unknown Sources) from the settings tab of your device.
  • Once you’re done enabling permissions, Click on Install Button in the File Manager of your device and wait for a few seconds.
  • You’ll successfully install on your device. Enjoy playing this game on your device Uninterrupted.

Yes, you can hire salesmen along with other staff using Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gems.

Yes, this game is absolutely safe to play.

This gameplay is a single-player game. You can play it and grow your business using free upgrades.

You can grow organic fruits and vegetables in your gardens and farms, supply these products as it is, or prepare other food items from these fruits and veggies.

Unlimited Money. No Ads. Unlimited Gems, All Premium Features Unlocked, All levels Unlocked, and Unlimited Gems are the Mod Features of this game.


My Mini Mart Mod APK is as right as rain for people who are already running their businesses or are planning to start a business. Once you start playing, when you go the extra mile, the game will continue to surprise you to bits. Advanced gardening and agricultural tips let you excel in the quests and grow your crop, hence, providing quality healthy, and organic products to your customers. In this game Unlimited everything, making it worth giving an extra whirl. Download My Mini Mart Mod Apk No ads will give you unstoppable fun and UNLIMITED resources to grow.