Super Sus Mod APK v1.49.26.131 Unlimited Money

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Super Sus MOD APK
App NameSuper Sus MOD APK
Latest Versionv1.49.26.131
Size145.27 MB
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files, Media
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked all Skins and all Levels

In a gaming world full of exciting action games, Super Sus Mod Apk is a world-class and top-notch action arcade game featuring both casual and competitive shooting experiences in one place. This gameplay, with exceptional performance, encloses different modes including ranked matches, multiplayer mode, and classic fighting mode as well. Beware of imposters, who are always finding a chance to spread destruction inside a spaceship. The entire gameplay revolves around the spaceship crew who is trying to save the starship from unwanted crashing. On the contrary, some unidentifiable imposters aim to destroy the spaceship with a space crew massacre.

Super Sus Mod Apk additional features

This gameplay is designed and developed on the “Among Us” concept, also integrating the thrill of lycanthrope and octopus Games. Whether you’ll be playing an astronaut among the space crew or an imposter, you must have a critical approach and logical reasoning abilities to get the job done ethically. Download it to exhibit great intelligence and sharpness of mind of your imposed character. This gameplay is up for grabs for action players from all across the World. Go against the clock, and download Super Sus APK MOD before you miss the boat. 

Gameplay: Super Sus Mod APK

Super Sus Mod Apk brings tremendous excitement to gamers. The exciting gameplay has revolutionized the concept of fighting. It allows you to connect with friends locally in local combats or with people worldwide. The game starts inside a spacecraft and all the players are separated into 3-groups called fractions. As you start the mission, the game automatically assigns you a crew or imposter role. In case, you’re an astronaut, willing to save the spacecraft from destruction, you’ve to boil the ocean and fight against the other players who are imposters.

Super Sus Mod Apk no ads

What is more exciting is that imposters are also among the crew and you find it challenging to identify one out of many. Using your intelligence quotient and logical reasoning you can recognize the imposters, inform other crew members using voice chat and protest against imposters.  With the voice chat option, you can Similarly defend yourself in case another crew member miss-recognizes you as an imposter. Play it online and get hands-on experience in critically catching opponents using a logical approach.

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What is Super Sus Mod Apk?

Once you enter this gameplay, you’ll realize the baffling excitement level of the game. you’ll get Unlimited money, gems, coins, diamonds, and golden stars. Like any other action gameplay, the Super Sus game has different levels out of which some exciting and upgraded levels are locked, with Unlimited money and gems, you can unlock all the levels of the game. If you want to buy new character skins and fighting devices, in this game unlimited money latest version, you can purchase all the upgrades and all characters unlocked.

In the game unlock all characters, you’ll have access to select the crew character and imposter of your choice. Free customizations are also present to customize your character according to your taste. Feel free to start any mission, get Unlimited upgrades and you’ll never run short of money and diamonds.

Super Sus Mod Apk Additional Features

  • Play Online for free
  • Offline playing mode enabled
  • Free Upgrades
  • Improved Interface
  • Improved Spaceship Map
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Local Communication Mode
  • International Communication Mode
Super Sus Mod Apk unlimited money

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Super Sus Mod Apk Features

Being versatile gameplay in the action genre, it encompasses several outstanding features that no gamer would resist to give it a whirl. Give a thorough read to the features to play your cards right after indulging yourself in the unending excitement of this game.

Variety of Roles

Its multimode gameplay allows you to play in various character skins each composed of distinct abilities. You’ve to select one role randomly without getting to know whether it will be an imposter or a crew member. Once the game starts, your character is revealed to you and you’ve to play it accordingly using its boxed abilities.

You’ll be given three fractions of roles to choose from; Neutral, Sheriff, and Imposter. In this realistic storyline, you’ll be offered 33 roles to pick including Spy, Spaceman, Joker, Detective, Engineer, Imposter, and many more. The Imposter aims at killing the crew members and destroying the entire spacecraft. Almost 3 imposters can exist at the same time to prey on space crew. Don’t spill the beans about you being a crew member. You’ve to keep your identity a secret to play wise against the imposters. This spiritual and psychological battle makes you identify your intellectual abilities and discover a warmth in you to protect the spaceship. 

Voice Chats Ensuring Healthy Communication

Another miraculous features, is the availability of the Voice Chat option.  If you get into a troublesome situation where you are mistakenly identified as an imposter and are on the verge of being attacked by another crew member. Though voice chat helps a lot, use it wisely because any poor communication can cause you serious harm and even death.

Variety of Missions to Follow your Lead

As explained, you along with the other competitors are assigned random duties. As the game progresses, you’ll find a variety of maps. Each map has detailed information about the spacecraft having rooms and corridors. If you are assigned the role of a crewmate, to accomplish your duties you’ve to move wisely and deceive imposters using your imaginative tactics to prevent early death. If the imposter couldn’t kill your crewmates and you as a crewmate manages to complete all tasks along with your teammates by blindfolding the imposters, hence, end up being the winner.

Super Sus Mod Apk skin unlocked

But, if misfortune follows and unluckily imposters succeed in killing crewmates, they’ll end up being the winner. Being fair and square, if you work out your abilities efficiently, you’ll defeat imposters because every cloud has a silver lining.

Teamwork and Voting Rights

As you climb up the game, level up your rank, and at some stage, some crew member dies, the other members have to group up, rearrange, and plot more critical strategies in finding the real imposter. Get a master in reading facial expressions and accessing the body language of the enemy to find one in no time. After losing a member, you’ve to discuss the new plan with other crewmates, analyze your opinions, and clear the doubts to prevent this massacre. Every crewmate votes for the one he suspects to be an imposter. The person who gets the majority of votes is kicked out of the spaceship immediately. Working with team spirit, you’ll be able to find a real deceiver (Imposter) and win the game. 

Game Modes with Simple Controls

In this multiplayer gameplay, connecting people from different regions of the world, you’ll be able to switch between classic and ranked matches where you’ll compete with people locally as well internationally.  Pick up the character wisely and logically because you never know which character will set up a winning history being the strongest of all. Unlike other traditional action games, Super Sus allows a maximum of 9 players to join the game at one time. Also, the improved loading speed of the gameplay would make the mission much easier. This gameplay is as right as rain for people who love to play strategic action games in team-ups.


The incredible 3D graphics with smooth transitional effects make it stand out from other games. The touchscreen controls are easy to operate. You can control your character and move it using your left thumb. This online gameplay is winning the hearts of chain gamers from around the globe.

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What’s New?

  • Bugs and Crash fixes
  • Hide Mod Enabled
  • Crew Can Move Always
  • Color the Map
  • Vote Out the Imposter
  • Remain Alive
  • Drone View Available
  • Lighting Always On

MOD Features

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Skin Unlocked
  • Wall Hack (Can easily pass through Walls)
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Improved Moving Speed
  • Unlimited Coins and Diamonds
  • Unlimited Golden Stars
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads

Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to connect internationally
  • Availability of Voice Chats
  • Strategic concept attracts swamps of players


  • No weapons available to combat
  • The moving speed of the crew lowers once in a blue moon

How to Install Super Sus Mod Apk on Android Devices?

  • Enable the “Allow Unknown Sources” option from the settings tab of your device. 
  • Now open our website in your browser and click the URL given on this game page.
  • After clicking the URL, you’ll be directed to the Download Page. 
  • Click on the download button and it starts downloading. The file will get saved to your device.
  • Open “File Manager” or “File Explorer” from your device and click on the Install button and wait for a few seconds.  
  • Open the game after complete installation and enjoy the unending action series.

To get a role card in the game, you’ve to complete a  growth plan for Newbies to take a new role.

Yes, it is an online Action,RPG gameplay in its origin. So, you can’t play it without an internet connection.

You’ll get 33 different characters from three main fractional categories; Imposters, Neutrals, and Sheriffs.

Yes, it’s completely safe to play and scanned for anti-virus.

This game has been developed by PIProductions.


Download Super Sus Mod APK to inspect space and get a spaceship traveling experience. In multiplayer mode, you’ll get a chance to communicate with the players internationally or with your friends locally to maintain healthy relations and accomplish the missions presented in the game. Having exceptional features and a strategic storyline, you’ll enjoy the combat between two parties. Jump on the bandwagon, download it will cause you immense satisfaction. Download it before you miss the boat.