Rice Burner MOD APK Unlimited Money

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Rice Burner MOD APK
App NameRice Burner MOD APK
Latest Version0.8.2.4f1
Size464.48 MB
DeveloperTonismo Games
PERMISSIONSPhone Storage, Gallery, Files, Media
Get it onGoogle Play Store
RAM16GB or greater
OS Requirements6.0 and above
MOD InfoUnlocked all Cars,Unlimited Money & Gems,Unlocked all Tracks, Unlimited Nitro, No Ads

An increasing number of gamers squads always demands interesting add-ons in the racing games genre. With the futuristic approach, every gamer expects innovation and modernity in racing games. Also, far-sighted people eagerly want to observe the world in a distinctive dimension. If you want to experience the technological havoc of the future, Rice Burner Mod APK is the ultimate racing simulation to satisfy your technology and future-oriented nature. This gameplay depicts technological advancement in upcoming years as well as the annihilation of natural reserves like fuel. 

Rice Burner MOD APK unlimited money

You being the core player, determined to restore the worn-out outdated cars and become successful in doing it with your potential team. But what agonizes the most is the extinction of fuel from the world without which the car’s engine wouldn’t be able to start. To overcome this, automated mechanics will help you in producing power from alternative means. 

Self-sufficiency in rice production lets the problem be solved by producing powerful thrush by burning rice. You can easily customize the car with your preferred upgrades, enhancing the power of the engine, suspension, brakes, and color to give it a vibrant look. In this robot-operated automated world, you’ll be the one to restore the legacy and invent ways to give racing a new turn. Download the game, sit tight on your couch, turn deaf ears to your surroundings, and get yourself indulge in an exciting rampage. 

Gameplay : Rice Burner Mod APK

Created by Tonismo Games, this gameplay has earned more than 10 million downloads so far from across the globe. These features narrative mechanics and a compelling gaming strategy. Apply a creative imaginative approach as you face challenges in rebuilding rice burners from scratch. 

Reconstruct deceased engines to make them powerful enough to be victorious in several races. You’ll be bestowed with demolished cars to reconstruct by finding spare parts and operating elements and making the cars creatively operable. If repairs are needed, you’ll get the ownership of an advanced garage with all essentials you need. 

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Rice Burner MOD APK no ads
Rice Burner MOD APK no ads

The great graphics of Rice Burner will fascinate you to your soul and compel you to play along. The availability of a vast variety of cars attracts the players, but you’ll find most of the cars locked which can be unlocked by winning races on several tracks and earning coins and gems. The same goes with the selection of tracks where plenty of the tracks you find will be locked and need to be unlocked first. Win races, gather revenue, and enjoy hassle-free Rice Burner racing. 


This gameplay revolves around an automated world where everything is operated with the help of robots. The entire gameplay is set in the year 2049’s futuristic climate which is characterized by self-driven vehicles, robot workers, and all the AI tools needed necessarily for the automation of all human activities. An AI named Hero has automated world activities but later on, found it boring. You, being the main character, pitch in and team up with your friends to take the task of restoring the wrecked cars and running them freely on open-world roads. 

Fortune favors the bold, somehow, you’ll become successful in reestablishing outdated fuel cars. However, you can’t start and run the car because the fuel reserves have vanished in all those years. Fortunately, the availability of plenty of rice will push your luck and you’ll be able to produce fuel by burning the rice. Take up the challenge of building a rice burner, get Rice Burner free download, and enjoy it on your Android devices. 

What is Rice Burner Mod APK?

In Rice Burner Mod Apk latest version, you’ll get all the resources unlocked and in unlimited amounts. In this version, you’ll get all cars unlocked to modify and transform them into an active restoration. Other than cars, most of the originally locked tracks will be unlocked for the rice cars to run effectively. 

Another advantage is the availability of different racing challenges that are originally locked in the traditional version. You can take part in any mission, play it effectively, and win to get generous rewards. The money you earn after winning the mission can be used to purchase and unlock all the other cars and elements essential for building rice burners.

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Rice Burner MOD APK Unlimited all cars

What’s more exciting is the availability of all customizations unlocked with free upgrades allowing you to refurbish the car as per your choices. This gameplay will serve as a quick buck to gather additional money. The unlimited money, coins, and gems allow the easy purchase of available updates immediately without thinking twice. 

No need for winning more challenges to gather money but you’ll have easy access to all cars, tracks, missions, engineering tools, and much more. Throw caution to the wind, download Rice Burner Mod APK unlimited money, and enjoy playing it. In this Mod Apk Unlimited Nitro, use as much rice as you need to produce fuel.

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Rice Burner Mod APK Additional Features

  • Easy to play
  • Offline and Online Gameplay
  • Free Customizations
  • Free Upgrades
  • Various Tracks Locations
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Improved Visuals 
  • Improved 3D Graphics
  • Improved Interface
Rice Burner MOD APK Unlocked all tracks

Rice Burner Mod APK Features

This innovative propagation of the racing genre of gaming possesses enormous features that need to be praised. Right off the bat, give a big read to the features of the game. Be all ears, this gameplay will never disappoint you and never make you feel under the weather. 

Immersive Engine Building

This game is built skillfully using creative techniques. To outwit the opponent, you must’ve more profound thinking abilities and skills to counterattack. A powerful engine plays a vital role in winning races and keeping yourself engaged in this immersive simulation. To build a powerful and functional engine, you’ll need essential elements like pistons, tank components, igniters, and other accessories. Choose the engine parts wisely and get your car ready for the classy race. 

Improved UI System

Built with a smooth UI system, complements all devices and runs effectively. In the majority of racing games, the UI system denies running the mission smoothly on certain devices that make it irritable for the players to continue playing it. Developers have taken care of it while managing the UI system of this gameplay. The UI system of Rice Burner is built to run smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.  

Captivating Graphics

The realistic graphics of the gameplay will never let you get bored easily. The 3D demonstration of the elements including vehicles and location will make your mind blow as you start playing it. The high-definition and dynamic graphics with top-notch vibrancy make it stand out among its competitor gaming series. 

Rice Burner MOD APK Unlimited Fuel

The spirited appearance of the engine spare parts provides a virtual characterization of the actual accessories. The great visuals allow the racing tracks to appear real in veridical climatic conditions. The game console is built to satisfy the needs of every race in an effective way.

Build a Car

This gameplay provides you with some cars from different brands to restore. However, if these cars fail to appeal to you, building a new car from scratch would be the best skill you could utilize. Become a brand and build a new model car as per your preferred interests. 

Add new features to the car to improvise its performance, apply a powerful engine with righteous spare parts, modify the appearance, and transform it into a most unique structure. Change the interior as well as the exterior of the car anytime when needed. Engines of the lowest to the highest quality are available to choose from wisely.

Enormous Super Cars

As you step into this gameplay, you’ll get multiple cars from different top brands of the past. These cars range from the simplest ones to advanced sophisticated cars that can be modified using free upgrades. In Rice Burner Mod Apk unlimited gems, you can customize the car by combining the most unique features of two top car models, hence, transforming your car obliquely. In Rice Burner Mod Apk Unlock all cars, you’ll get 150 cars either old antiqued models or modern advanced cars. Enjoy the unique storyline and play it carefree.

Difficult Racing Tracks

As soon as you’re done building your car, you have to jump onto a deadly racing track. The racing tracks are built with difficulty and can’t be conquered easily. To ride along these lethal tracks, you’ve to be experienced in racing. If you are a newbie and seek learning then practice first before starting an actual race. Avoid making mistakes and prevent collisions with other vehicles to win the race effectively.

Tournaments and Racing Events

The game offers several in-built racing tournaments and events for racing enthusiasts to keep them engaged with the thrill of its Unlimited Diamonds. You can freely participate and play in all events in this gameplay. On winning the tournament, you’ll get a bunch of virtual coins, diamonds, gems, and money that can be used to upgrade the game. You can play in two exhilarating modes, one is “Racing with Time” and the other is “Racing with Friends” in the real world. 

Simple Controls

It has an intuitive control system with simple operable keys displayed on the screen. The acceleration and deceleration keys float on the side of the screen. Easily control your car using the steering control key on the right side of the screen, while on the left side, you can view and operate an accelerator and brake keys. Moreover, you can reposition the keys default setting and set them in desired orientation on the screen which you find easy to operate.

MOD Features

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked all Cars
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked all Characters
  • Unlocked all Tracks
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • No Ads

What’s New?

  • High Dame, Onehit, and God Mode
  • Upgraded Garage with Top-Notch Cars
  • Online Multiplayer Races
  • Dynamic Day-Night Races
  • Building Car from Scratch
  • Leaderboards Showcasing Achievements
  • In-game Currency (Cash)
  • Bonuses Rewards
  • Realistic Damage Visuals

Pros & Cons


  • This game allows you to build car from scratch
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Improved UI System
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS Devices
  • 150+ Licensed Cars 
  • Scanned for Anti virus


  • Rare Occurance of Bugs and Crash issue
  • Riding speed lowers once in a blue moon due to weak internet connection

How to Install Rice Burner Mod APK on Android Devices?

By following the step-by-step process, you can install the Latest Version on your desired devices:

  • First: Open the Device Settings———–Then Allow the “Third Party Consent” or “Unknown Sources” permission.
  • Second: Visit our Website and open the game page———- Then click the URL given below on the game page. 
  • Third: On Clicking the URL link, you’ll be directed to the Download Page. Download the Apk file immediately.
  • Fourth: Open the “File Manager” from your device—————-Now find the downloaded Apk File and click on the Install button.
  • Last: Once Installed, open the gameplay and enjoy playing it easily on your devices.

Yes, you can easily download and install it from this game page on your Android Smartphone as well as on iOS devices because it is compatible with both, Android and iOS devices. 

Yes, this latest version is completely safe to download and play your desired Android and iOS devices (Smartphones and Tabs)

Yes. This is a multiplayer racing simulation and can be played online with your friends and other people from around the world.

No, this modded version of Rice Burner doesn’t demand money to be downloaded and played on your devices as it is free to download and play. 

Yes, you can play it offline and participate in many challenges and tournaments to step up your game and win rewards.

Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Fuel, Unlocked all Tracks, Unlimited Nitro, Unlock all Cars, Unlock All Missions, and Unlock everything are the mod features of this gameplay. 


Giving it a nod, this intuitive gameplay attracts the majority of racers from across the globe. Be a potential part of the game, restore wrecked vehicles, re-engineer engines, invent innovative ways to produce fuel by burning rice, and indulge in racing tournaments on lethal tracks. This is an action-packed racing gameplay giving its players a unique racing experience in different dimensions and technological eras. The game creates a vicious aura for racing lovers, and will never make you feel out of the light. It will continuously amaze you by showcasing the modernity of time and increased technological advancements. Think out of the box, break fresh, download Rice Burner Mod Apk Unlimited Nitro with everything unlocked, and enjoy it by playing skillfully using a futuristic approach.