Real Football MOD APK 1.7.4 Unlimited Money

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Real Football MOD APK
App NameReal Football MOD APK
Latest Versionv1.7.4
Size30 MB
DeveloperGameLoft SE
PriceFree of Cost
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS Requirements4.1 and above
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked  All Premium Features, Unlocked all Stadiums, Unlocked Everything

Football has gained a great response as a sport from people of all ages and genders. A number of the masses have adopted football as a profession and many of them prefer to play it for fun. Sometimes the weather betrays football players and they end up sitting at home. To facilitate football fans, we’ve brought an online football simulation named Real Football Mod APK which is based on the rules of real football. The realism in this gameplay makes it an innovative invention of developers. Players have to stick to the actual rules and regulations being followed in real football. 

To start playing this Mod APK, you’ve to select players, build a team, assign players with definitive roles, improve their skills, and participate in real-time matches. Also, you’ll be able to invite and challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode of the gameplay. Apart from getting into matches with friends, you’ll be able to connect to plenty of other online players from across the globe. Also, you can play in offline mode with AI players and still earn rewards. As the game starts, it begins with a kickoff where you’ll have to compete in a 90-second match which is divided into two halves of 45 seconds. 

Choose an opponent team from the plenty of in-game available teams. Get into a PvP match with the chosen team. Pressurize the opponent team players by showcasing the most authentic and lenient football moves. Play like a professional to outwit the other team. Bypass the ball to the companion player efficiently without losing a ball to the opponent player. Avoid chaos and prevent intentionally hitting the other players for that referee may warn you and issue a red card. Doing so may eliminate you from the team or eventually may result in your team’s loss as a whole. 

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Real Football MOD APK no ads

In case, if you and any of your team members violate or try to violate any of the rules of the game, the opponent team will get a free hit/free kick. Follow all the rules religiously and end up winning the game which eventually will buy your team a fortune. Furthermore, you’ll receive additional points and an elevated ranking on the online leaderboard. With an 11-member squad of strikers and goalkeepers, they participate in the World Football Championship, play in the well-developed and highly equipped stadium, and earn great rewards.

In World Competitions or International football leagues, travel across the world along with your team and earn a chance to experience and play real football in plenty of advanced international stadiums. Fish out of the water, download Real Football Mod APK, give this realistic football simulator a whirl, and gain a vast gaming experience. 

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Real Football MOD APK Unlimited money

About the Gameplay

Playing in Real Football, you’ve to select the most capable and skilled players of various origins and tuck them up into a compact team. Choose the strikers and goalkeepers with distinctive qualities and hitting skills. Make them practice their skills and striking moves in order to get a remarkable victory in various championships. By winning each match or championship, you’ll get prizes in the form of money (currency), gems, and gold. 

Real Football MOD APK Unlimited Gold

By spending this revenue, you can get your players to upgrade their skills and purchase innovative power-ups to add to the strength of the players. To win any match, the strength and skills of the players matter most, and as time goes by these skills need to be polished and renewed gradually. As you keep on winning the leagues/championship matches, you’ll climb up on the leaderboard and earn more and more points. 

What is Real Football Mod APK?

To rebuild the strength and improve the skills of your team players, you’ve to upgrade them daily or weekly to maintain the utmost credibility of your team. For this purpose, you’ll need a specific amount of money that can be earned only if you win the championships. To facilitate you with unstoppable football gaming, we’ve brought you the modded version of this gameplay, where you’ll get unlimited currency, money, gems, and coins. In the Real Football Mod APK Unlimited Money version, you’ll never run short of money and can upgrade your team players whenever and wherever you want. 

Moreover, you can purchase new skill sets and innovative power-ups to use during the match so that no team would be able to get victory over you. To make your team intensively strengthened, unlock new and capable players with advanced skills and make them join your team. In every championship, you’ll see a new stadium. Unlock the locked stadiums in this modded version using unlimited money. Undoubtedly, you’ll rank up in the leaderboard by performing outclass and you’ll become the topmost football player of Real Football Mod APK unlimited gold. 

Additional Features

  • Easy to Play
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Online and Offline Modes Enabled
  • Professional Players
  • Player Customizations (Change appearance, outfit, and add other accessories to the players)
  • Advanced International Stadiums
  • Realistic Gameplay
  • Improved Interface
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • Amazing Video Quality
  • Improved 3D Graphics
  • 360 Stadium View
  • Player Upgradation
  • Challenge other Players
  • Tournament Matchups
Real Football MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Real Football Mod APK Features

Having a wide fan base from across the globe, is making considerable progress in defining its amazing features. Apart from having intuitive gameplay, this online football simulation also possesses some other incredible features that are worth mentioning here. Sit tight, be all ears, and read the features described below in this article. 

Unlimited Money

In Real Football Mod Apk unlimited gems, you’ll get unlimited resources under your wings to make the game even more thrilling. The resources you get will be in the form of unlimited gems and money. Use this unlimited money to upgrade the overall strength of your character and other team members anytime when needed. Also, using this in-game unlimited currency, you can unlock more players with advanced skills and abilities and make your team grow powerful. More powerful players are more likely to get a victory over others. Challenge your friends and family, play with them, and get a chance to gather additional money as well. 

Real Football MOD APK Unlock all Players

Unlimited Gold/Gems

Apart from having unlimited gems and money, you’ll get unlimited gold in this game to facilitate your team’s performance at higher levels. Using this unlimited gold, you’ll be able to gather new power-ups and incredible striking or defensive moves that’ll bring an entire game in your favor. Stay fully loaded with the gold and purchase any of the upgraded skill sets in a go. Also, using this unlimited gold feature, you can unlock originally locked stadiums and enjoy playing in a variety of national and international stadiums in each Champions Trophy League. 

Improved Real Players

For a better gaming experience, this game provides you with advanced and highly skilled realistic players which you can easily unlock and include in your team using unlimited currency.

Variety of Stadiums

In this football simulator, you’ll get a chance to step in and play in a variety of football grounds or stadiums of both national and international rankings. Each championship match will take place in a different stadium for better gaming exposure. Also, there’ll be a real audience who’ll cheer you up on every great shot or express the sad notions about every injury you get during the course of a match. 

Real Football MOD APK Unlock all Players

Plenty of Championships

There are a lot of Championships taking place online among the bunch of pro players from every corner of the world. These championships are the way to earn money and gold for the future endeavors of your team. Try to participate in as many as possible Champions Leagues, win them, earn rewards and achievements, and rank up on the leaderboard that’s more likely to appear online worldwide. 

Team Improvement

In Real Football Mod APK unlimited everything, you’ll be able to enhance the strength of your team’s players and make them master their very skills. In practice mode, allow the players to practice their innate moves, learn new striking strategies, and master them to apply at the right times. With every passing match, the difficulty of further levels increases, for this you can unlock and add new players with the most recent skills and difficult hitting strategies into your team to mark a historical victory. Choose the players mindfully or upgrade the existing ones for great performance. 

Online Leaderboard

As you progress through the game and take part in several football Championships online with real-world teams, your score and ranking along with the scores and rankings of other teams are displayed on the leaderboard broadcasting live worldwide. You can keep an eye on your team’s performance and progress and work accordingly. 

Comprehensive Controls

This game features hassle-free swiping controls where you’ve to direct the players and play moves just by swiping on the screen. Swipe your finger in various orientations, examine the performance of your team, and keep an eye on the leaderboard simply by swiping on the screen.


The 3D graphics will definitely fascinate your mind and eyes. The tiny details and the color contrast are just on the point. Also, you can have a 360 view of the entire stadium and audience stand. The realistic audience, stadiums, players, and much more elements give this game an overwhelming outlook to attract football fans. 

Sound Quality

Apart from having mesmerizing graphics, the audio quality of the game is authentic and real. You can hear the voices of the chit-chatting audience and the cheering people, you can also enjoy real communication among the team’s players and referee.  

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked all Stadiums
  • Unlock all Players
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Ads

What’s New?

  • Bugs Fixes
  • New Balls
  • International Cup Scenario
  • Plenty of Remarkable Seasons
  • Become a Pro Champion
  • Championship Mod Enabled
  • Worldwide Leadership
  • World Championship
  • Added Hospitals, Physiotherapy Clinics, and Youth Camps

Pros & Cons


  • Online Multiplayer Mode Enabled to Connect to Players from all across the Globe
  • Practice Mode for Newbies
  • Manageable and Hassle-Free Controls
  • Malware Scanning Properties for Safer Use


  • Video quality blurs if installed and played on a low-quality device
  • Game course interrupts rarely due to poor internet connection

How to Download Real Football Mod APK on Android?

To download this Real Football gaming application, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or any other browser from your device.
  • Visit our website and search for the desired game page from the “Home” menu.
  • Click on the flashing Apk file Link/URL below on this game page. You’ll be directed to the download page. Click the “Download” button and the Apk file gets downloaded and saved in the “File Manager” folder of your device. 
  • For a successful installation of this third-party gaming application, you’ve to open the device’s menu, then go to the Settings tab>>Security tab>>and give consent to allow “Unknown Sources”. 
  • After giving permission, open the “File Manager” folder again and search for the downloaded Apk file.
  • Now press the install button popped out in front of the downloaded Apk file and wait for a while until it gets fully installed.  
  • Once the game gets completely installed, open it and enjoy its amazing features.

How to Download this Modded Version of the Game on PC?

To Install this game on your PC, first, you’ve to install software/emulators like Bluestacks which help to run Android applications on a PC. Simply follow the points mentioned below.

  • Download the “Bluestacks” emulator from any browser on your PC.
  • Once installed, open the emulator and search for the game there.
  • Once you find the game, download and then install it in no time.
  • Once the game gets installed, open it and enjoy playing it on your PC.

Yes, this gaming application is fully scanned for malware and virus presence and is completely safe to download and install on your devices.

This game is specifically designed for Android devices, but you can also play it on your computer and PC. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article, install an online emulator (Bluestacks) on your PC, download this game, and enjoy playing it on your PC. 

Yes, it’s totally free of cost to download on your desired Android device (Smartphone or Tablet)

Yes, you can easily upgrade the players and change the theme of the stadiums as per your preferences. 

Yes, you can take part in it easily and win exciting prizes, rewards, and earn achievements.


Buy it or not, Real Football Mod APK is itself a masterpiece that has gathered the great interest of football fans from across the world and still is in full bloom. The gameplay is built on the actual rules and regulations of real Football sport and condemns defying any violation of rules. Build yourself a powerful and skilled team of professional players and play in real-time Championship Arenas against other teams of the world. To strengthen the credibility of your team, upgrade the abilities of players or add new players to play in the Real Football Mod APK offline game. Your heartbeat will definitely miss once you pave your gaming career in the fast lane and play football professionally. Jump on the bandwagon, compose your mind and body, download it, and indulge yourself in the massive football/soccer arena before it gets off the board.