Download Cricket League MOD APK V1.15.2 Unlimited Money

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Cricket League MOD APK
App NameCricket League MOD APK
Latest VersionV 1.15.2
Size60 MB
PriceFree of Cost
Get it onGoogle Play Store
OS RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked  All Premium Features, Unlimited Everything, Unlocked all Characters, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Currency, Ads Free

In this recent era, cricket is an incredible sport that is equally popular amongst people of all age groups. People show deep interest in cricket as they not only love to watch cricket matches but also they endure playing it. Youngsters of today’s world are greatly indulging their interest in cricket, some take it as a hobby and some take it as a profession. Conclusively, masses of any creed want to play cricket intensively. 

To satisfy the needs of cricket lovers who’re great gamers as well, developers have bought an online cricket simulation for them. Cricket League Mod APK is a web-based online simulation that can easily be played anytime residing anywhere on the earth. It’s multiplayer gameplay that makes you play in a team with friends and other real individuals from across the world. Play and score more runs than the opponent team to mark your victory. 

Cricket League MOD APK Unlocked All Levels

This cricket game is developed particularly with the collaboration of professional cricketers and renowned developers. It includes all the aspects of a real cricket mania. This game provides realism due to its precise ball techniques that involve real physics, viable bowling, batting, and fielding animations. This game also has an in-built live commentary feature that augments the realistic vibe of the game.  In order to start the match, you can custom-create a new team of professional players, and you’ll join as an eligible player with already existing national and international teams.

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Whether playing in your team or with the existing team, you can play matches in various game modes like limited overs matches, Test matches, and T20 matches. Join hands with your team cricketers and play in national/International tournaments matches against opponent teams. This amazing cricket game would definitely turn your arms and you can’t turn a deaf ear towards it. Without wasting time, Download Cricket League Mod APK and get yourself indulge in real-time cricket matches. 

About the Gameplay : Cricket League

With the element of realism, this online cricket game is winning the hearts of the people, either casual players or die-hard cricket fans. Cricket League is a win-win spot for cricket lovers who actually have a knowledgeable approach to any sport. In this gameplay, you’ll get a chance to fabricate your own team with all the qualities and play against the most powerful international teams with pro cricketers on a single forum. 

To play a healthy game, there’re a lot of international and modern stadiums in this game that you can choose as per your preferences. Most of the stadiums are locked and need to be unlocked first before you play on that particular ground. You’ll get into different challenges and targeted matches like targeting a certain score in a defined number of balls in order to earn money, coins, and diamonds as a reward. 

Cricket League MOD APK No Ads

As you climb up the stairs in Cricket League, you’ll get a chance to collect several characters each with different skill sets and abilities, so you can pave the game path in a more professional way. Apparently, most of the characters you find in this game will be locked and have to be unlocked first. Using the collected money, gems, and coins, you’ll be able to unlock new stadiums, purchase new outfits for the players, and collect innovative equipment (Cricket Kit). By unlocking new stadiums and collecting new characters, you’ll be able to play in the most powerful cricket teams or you can build an unbeatable team yourself. 

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What is Cricket League Mod APK?

This game is the new yet-modified interpretation of the original Cricket League gameplay. This version brings about several amenities for the cricket people that the original version lacks so far. In this modded gameplay, you’ll be bestowed with unlimited money, gems, and coins to spend freely on whatever update you want.  Whether you desire to upgrade the cricket kit and other equipment or you need to unlock new playable characters and improve their outlook, you can definitely choose the amount needed out of the unlimited revenue. Apart from that, this money can be used for betting on other matches in order to earn more money. 

Cricket League MOD APK Unlimited Everything

You can unlock new stadiums, unlock new moves, unlock characters, unlock various tournaments, and get the best ever cricket-playing experience while playing in this Mod APK unlimited money. In Cricket League Mod APK unlimited coins, match against your competitors in full swing, and play amazing shots along the best stadiums without any hassle. 

Cricket League Mod APK Additional Features

  • Easy to Play
  • Online and Offline Cricket Matches
  • Real-Time Matches with Real People
  • Impressive Technology
  • Simple Interface
  • 25+ Skilled Players
  • Easy and Customizable Controls
  • Free Character Customizations
  • Create your own Logos and Stadiums
  • Great Graphics
  • Live Commentary Added
  • Improved Visuals
  • Improved Sound Effects
Cricket League MOD APK Unlocked All Premium Feature

Cricket League Mod APK Features

This game always perfect for cricket lovers as it provides an outstanding gaming experience. This game encloses several exciting features that will make you lose your marbles. Let us pour our hearts out and spill the beanson the vital features of this game. 

Build Your Own Team

A good team is mandatory to participate in various cricket tournaments. In Cricket Mod APK you’ll be allowed to build your own dream team from scratch to team up with the most capable and competent players. 

Create a compact team of eleven (11) professional cricket playersby picking up characters from more than 200 domestic or international players including the best batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and all-rounder players, play in gigantic international tournaments, and get an appreciable victory against the bigger teams. 

Cricket League MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Game Modes

You along with your team can play in four different modes. These modes are;

  • Quick Match
  • Test Match
  • ODI Series
  • T20 World Cup

You can switch to any mode of this game and start playing along with your desired team. You can also create your own logos and stadiums, and customize your team’s kit. 

Multiplayer Gameplay

To facilitate the players, developers have developed an online multiplayer mode where you’ll be obliged to play matches with or against your friends and other real people from across the world. To initiate the multiplayer match, your device should have good internet connectivity to connect with other online players or friends. After joining friends, get into 1v1 matches, exhibit exhilarating cricket skills and knock down the opponents (friends) to claim the victory. To enhance your cricket experience and improve certain shots, quick matches against other real players will let you practice serious cricket shots. 

As soon as you are done setting up your dream team, you’ll be allowed to arrange a quick match against your friends in no time. As you step into the match, the pitch and batting order gets selected automatically with the help of in-app permissions. In quick matches, you’ll get just 2 overs (12 balls) to score the highest possible runs to give an astonishing and prodigious target to the opponents. 

Cricket League MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Exhibit great balling techniques with your best bowlers and prevent the opponent team from completing the target, resulting in your victory. This mode is as right as rain to practice innovative shots and techniques, and for having unlimited fun. If the match gets boring midway, you can easily restart it without any hassle. 

Unlock New Balls

A number of cricket balls are present in Cricket League out of which several are locked and need purchasing before using them. In Cricket League Mod Apk latest version, you’ll get unlimited money and can easily unlock/purchase new balls each with definitive abilities and characteristics. Before selecting a ball, you should be aware of your ultimate need of ball types which you’ll use for a certain match.

Various types of balls present in this gameplay include;

  • Leather cricket balls; are made up of cowhide and possess a cork core. These balls are commonly utilized in international cricket matches and are relatively more expensive than other ball types. 
  • Synthetic cricket balls; are made up of synthetic material with a compact/solid core. These balls are cheaper and cricketers use them in training matches and practice matches. 
  • Rubber cricket balls; are built with cheaper rubber and their core is hollow. Due to their cheap quality, these balls are usually served in junior level matches or maybe in backyard cricket matches.

Unlock Various Locations

To enhance the cricket playing experience, Cricket League Mod APK unlimited gems possess various stadiums located in different countries.  Whether you’re a local resident of Pakistan, Australia, England, India, and any other nation with an international cricket team, you can play and compete with any cricket team from around the globe. Each stadium in each country is enclosed with distinctive weather conditions, pitch style, and boundary limits that make the gameplay even more exciting. Suppose you’re playing with Australia, you’ll encounter scorching heat and hard pitches (two elements actually testify your skills of mindful batting). 

Similarly, if you’re a teammate of England’s team, you’ll be welcomed with lush green grounds, drizzling weather, and smooth pitches which complement a great cricket match event. Whether you’re playing in England or in Australia or in any other international team, you’ve to transform your batting style that best suits the climate and characteristics of playgrounds, making you end up victorious. 

Cricket League MOD APK Unlimited Money

Unlock and Collect New Characters/Players

As you get hands-on experience in cricket and win the matches, you’ll be able to unlock and collect new players who’re capable enough to win international tournaments. As you progress in the game and improvise through the course of matches, you can unlock various originally locked players in a go.  Also, as you advance through the Cricket League Mod APK all players unlocked, you’ll be given a chance to unlock stadiums, outfits, cricket kits, and many more for your companion players. Maximally, you can unlock and collect 25 professional players among the plethora of cricketers. Each character will own different skills and possess distinctive abilities and let your team win the toughest matches at all. 

Awesome Deliveries

There exist a number of amazing deliveries for the bowlers that will knock out the opponent player in seconds and win a wicket. These deliveries are;

  • Doosra: Batsmen play false shots and get deceived by the skilled bowlers. 
  • Sling: To deliver fast and bouncy deliveries.
  • In/Out Swings: Off-stump Delivery that swings in or out.

Various Tournaments

In the this Mod APK, you’ll be able to play and compete in different tournament matches and leagues like ODI Match, Twenty20, Test Match, Premier League, Domestic Tournaments, and International Leagues as well.

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Ads

What’s New?

  • Bugs and Crash Fixes
  • Minor Bugs and Crash Fixes
  • Career Mode (to mark your name among the best teams in the world)
  • Bowling Slips (Googlie by a spinner and bouncers of Shoaib Akhtar)
  • New Stadiums Added (Melbourne,  Lords, Wankhede, Abu Dhabi)
  • 3D High-resolution graphics with ground atmosphere
  • Smooth gameplay operable in 2D or 3D
  • In-Game Currency

Pros & Cons


  • Self Explanatory Controls
  • Multiplayer Gameplay to Connect with Friends and Family
  • Quick Matches of 5-10 Minutes to Save Time
  • Possesses Anti-virus Properties


  • Errors occur while trying to connect it with your Facebook account.
  • Once in a blue moon, the screen gets stuck while you are playing highly statistical matches with professional teams.

How to Download Cricket League Mod APK on Android?

To download this cricket application, follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, visit our website, search for the game page, and click on the Download button on this page.
  • Secondly, Wait for a while until the game download completes.
  • Thirdly, after downloading the APK file, it gets saved in the “File Manager” folder of your device. There Are some steps that are essential to install this game. 
  • Fourthly, After installing the gameplay application, open the app and start playing it.

In case if installation is failed, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the menu and open Settings Tab>>Security>>permit “Unknown Sources” or allow  “Third Party Consent” to install this application on your device.
  • After enabling, follow the steps mentioned above.

It is free to download. You’ve no need to pay any cost to download it on your Android device.

Yes, in multiplayer game mode, you can definitely play it online and connect to friends and family sitting far away from you across the globe.

Yes, it’s completely safe to download and install on your devices. It’s scanned completely for any malware and virus. 

Yes, as it’s an online sports simulation so it needs a good internet connection in order to operate online. It’s a simple game and can be easily played on 2G, 3G, and 4G speeds of the internet.

Yes, you’ll get rewards in the form of money after winning in different domestic or international cricket leagues and tournaments.


As you start playing Cricket League Mod APK, it rings a bell and is closely related to the actual cricket sport. Play it with just a swipe of your fingers during batting and create the most powerful shots. Get yourself completely indulged in this massive gameplay, Blow off steam, choose the players, build your team, train them, improvise their shots and skills, make them worthy of international tournaments, play mindfully against boss teams, and earn an impressive victory. Earn exciting rewards and prizes as you keep winning the matches. Cutting to chase, this thrilling sports game is waiting for you, download Cricket League Mod APK before it gets off the table.